Patients’ Testimonials of Neurofeedback

Age 8 & 10 Males

My big son recommended this training for his younger brother after he had done Neurofeedback training for himself. According to him, he can think faster and memorize school work faster. He gained more confidence in many areas. For my big son, N.F was to improve his memory power.
For my younger son, it was a treatment for his ADD. I was very glad to take my son’s recommendation. It really helped my younger son in his personality. He became happier, more confident and respectful for himself. He greatly improved his reading ability and study attitude. I am glad that I researched about the Neurofeedback through some resources before starting the training. I would like to recommend this training for not only for kid’s sake but also for parents with a great concern Thank you. Dr.Kim

Age 15 Female

During my neurofeedback training, I had confidence that it will help me in my future. I came to Dr. Kim not to get Neurofeedback, but other help. I did not know what Neurofeedback was, and had no clue that I needed it. Luckily Dr. Kim found out that I needed it so I started Neurofeedback immediately. When I tried to concentrate on one thing, it was hard, however, when I started the training, my concentration got much better. Now I can focus/concentrate on one thing and finish in half the time I used to. I just want to say that I’m very thankful to find Dr. Kim at this time of my life. Thank you!

Age 10 Female

First time I did this, I thought of it as nothing. But as I go on it got better. I finally realized how much it helped me. Thank you for helping me out with my problems. Thanks for the neurofeedback.It helped out all my problems!

Age 20 Female

When I started to attend the Neurofeedback program it helped me with my concentration and focusing on everyday life. This program helped me not only on my self but it also helped me my social life. Before I had so much problems in the past as a young child it stayed with me all of my life till now. But thanks to Dr. Elizabeth J. Kim I have improved myself and on to others. Now I’m doing much better in school and I also have the confidence of my self to do things that I didn’t think I can do before. I thank you so much for improving my concentrations and my thinking abilities and to love myself.

Age 15 Male

My attention at school was not very good so my parents and I agreed to take Neurofeedback. At first it was boring, looking at the computer screen and listening to all these beeps, but I guess the more times I did it, the more my attention and concentration got better. I improved by paying attention more and concentrating, especially when I am playing basketball. Before Neurofeedback, I was humble at shooting free throws because I wasn’t having enough concentration, now, my concentration is better and my free-throw shooting percentage is very high. So neurofeedback has something to do with that. It helped me improve.

Age 20 Male

Wow…. Before Neurofeedback I was a mess. I would sleep at 4 AM & wake up 1 PM. I couldn’t get anything done. I would miss every appointment I had & schoolwork was failing because I never did homework. Although in high school, all I did was sleep, sleep, sleep, No one could depend on me to finish anything because I was always a flake. But after only the first 8-10sessions here, my weird & immature outburst & impulses had already begun to decrease & I was able to focus on all the normal things like everyone else. After a while I was able to sleep on time& get up on time, in schoolwork was actually getting done. Instead of just being there. The best part of all of this is that people are proud of me now. Before I got help everyone was always mad at me for not doing the things I was suppose to do. Now people ask me for favor because they can trust& believe me. Thank you so much neurofeedback, especially to Dr. Kim, of course assistant. Thank you.

Age 15 Female

Completing Neurofeedback treatment I had improved a lot at school, and my grades went up. After doing it for few days I had noticed little by little that I was listening to the teacher more and that I was paying more attention at school and concentrating more after school while doing my homework, instead of thinking in other things. I had done this treatment twice and after the second time, I had change a lot by pay attention in everything. Thank you for your help Dr. Kim.

Age 24 Male

I’d started Neurofeedback because of sleep disorders and some mild depression. At the time. I had convinced myself nothing was wrong. I felt the need to move around constantly, I found excuses for staying out late, wearing my body to the point of exhaustion. Soon enough my mother noticed my disposition and offered to send me to Dr. Kim. I reluctantly accepted. thinking that I’m 100% Okay. In participating with my doctor and family, Neurofeedback showed me that I needed to dominate my impulses, hyperactivity, and focus on cognitive methods of control. Much of my time was spent on quick decisions the impulse to get work/pleasure finished quickly just to see what was next. Neurofeedback helped to maintain my control, letting me easily out of tasks in an interval pattern. Very fulfilling.
Now I can say I’m a happy person. Neurofeedback lifted many veils of emotional and physiological problems.

Age 17 Male

I came for Neurofeedback training because I wanted to find out if my mental capabilities were affected because of my past experiences. It turned out that I had a little trouble focusing on things and tend to give up easily. What this program helps me achieve is concentration. It helped me concentrate in school and sport activities. It also helped me to control and suppress my anger. One of the biggest problems I had was that I was hot headed but thanks to the Neurofeedback training I was able to be patient and also learn something about myself. Thank you Dr. Kim for helping me gain what I need to succeed in my life goals!!

Age 38 Female

I originally came to Dr. Kim for help with extreme anxiety that had developed following a bout of serious food allergy reactions. I became afraid to eat food for fear it would cause me life threatening reactions. I
Also begun to have panic attacks thinking that I was going to have to go to ER. Dr. Kim helped me to understand how my brain had become stuck in unhealthy over arousal because of the traumatic episode with allergies. She gave me Neurofeedback treatment and within weeks my anxiety really decreased. By the end of 40 sessions, all fears& anxiety are gone .I can eat without fear. Love her so much gratitude for restoring my life to its previous level. Thank you, Dr. Kim!
*additional note- I think it might be of interest to others to mention that I am a Licensed Psychologist.

Age 17 Female

I improved for doing my homework earlier. Turning things on time. I had a tough learning about school things. Another thing is talking to my friends. I didn’t talk a lot now I do every time I had bad mood but I don’t. I have a good mood. When I used to talk I was saying different subject .Also I was saying non sense which didn’t make any sense. I don’t do things that I used to do. I am really happy about myself how I got improved.

Age 11 Male

My son was diagnosed with ADD about 6 month ago. He has completed his Neurofeedback training and he has improved tremendously. He is more calm and has better concentration. Therefore, he finishes his work faster and improved correctness than before. He is more enthusiastic doing his work, also improved on his temper, and less fighting with his siblings. Also, he gets along good with his peers, so he has lots of friends this year. I’m so glad that I came to see Dr. Kim. There was a time in the middle of the training I almost gave up. He showed big improvements after about 20 sessions, but after that I didn’t see any more improvements. However, Dr. Kim insisted to let him come and I said to myself that we came this far and we don’t want to give up. Finally, we finished the training and we succeeded. My son and our family were very pleased with the result and I would like to recommend to other friends. Thank you Dr. Kim, our family appreciates your effort.

Age 16 Male

I came to Dr. Kim’s office for treatment specifically because I had problems with my writing. I had periods of depressions and anxiety. I took Beta-SMR for the first 21 sessions. At first I was very skeptical about it, but after a couple sessions, I really felt confident that this would help me. I could see improvement while doing school work and homework. I was also a more motivated person. After Beta-SMR I took Alpa-Theta for another 20 sessions .This was a bit different from Beta-SMR in that it deals not with the conscious part of the mind but my unconscious part of mind. I really used my imagination to visualize myself in certain settings and really concentrate on what type of person I wanted to be. The outcome of this was being a brighter, happier person and also being able to let goof all the bad things that happened during the day. With the help of Dr. Kim I am now having lots of success at school and more importantly, I am now each day to the fullest and I am now a whole new person. You have really given me hope& I appreciate it.
As I have stated before, I am confident that I have benefited from my experience with Neurofeedback training. I’m afraid that I can’t give any exact, “scientific” measurement of just how much I have made improvements and these have been noted on the weekly evaluation form. What makes it even harder to make an accurate evaluation is my belief that I have, for some time now, been making improvements anyway, even before Neurofeedback. Transforming my mental outlook, accepting my faults, willing to get better, and simply living as if I were already better, along with other psychological “techniques” I’d been using, have made a great difference. However, we can always use help and I feel very fortunate to have been able to have done Neurofeedback. I see Beta-SMR as a kind of meditative, concentration exercise and Alfa-Theta as creative visualization. Of course, these activities can be done on one’s own, but there is no more immediate feedback like the kind one gets from the equipment used in the office, which makes the experience all the more accessible. All in all, I think the time and effort that I have spent during the past half year has been well worth it and I am grateful to have the opportunity to try this form of treatment.

Age 11 Male

My son had difficulties at school (even though he has ability of academicals skills) for last 4 years.
Teacher’s main concern was difficulty in following directions, paying attention and completing task.
After continuous treatments from Dr. Kim, we would see him improve bit by bit, ups and downs along and one moment he made giant progress leaving all the problem behaviors behind.
Now he is more focused and follows the rules at school well. Everyday school life became happy experience too. It pays off when we diligently pay visit to Dr. Kim’s office rely on her professional credential, expecting good result. Thank you Dr. Kim.

Age 18 Male

I initially came to psychology to fix my tremors because I believed I couldn’t control my emotions. After a couple of sessions in the Neurofeedback, my other areas like memory and relaxation started to gradually improve towards a new level. My parents noticed the changes as well and really encouraged me to continue on. After about 20 sessions, my life felt more calm and peaceful. I continued on for 20 more sessions and I feel like I’ve revitalized myself. I hope this is the start for bigger things in the future.

Age 34 Female

I came here initially due to my years of depression & anxiety. I was on an antidepressant for over a year and when I tried to quit, I experienced terrible withdrawal symptoms .I received counseling from Dr. Kim along with my Neurofeedback treatments. After 60 sessions, I can say that I am completely off the antidepressant and feeling happier than when I was on it. The medication helps with the depression & anxiety, but it also made me numb in other areas. I had fewer emotions in general. Now I feel more in control of my feelings and I am able to feel deeper with a clean mind. I feel that the Neurofeedback balanced out what the medication used to do except this permanent and it comes from me not something artificial with side-effects & withdrawal symptoms. Of course, I must also say that the counseling I received had tremendous impact on the overall Treatments as well. I’m glad I was able to get the comprehensive treatment from all angles. I can’t thank Dr. Kim enough for her help & prayers.

Age 26 Male

Before Neurofeedback, I suffered from Anxiety, Depression, and other problems. I was struggling in just daily functioning but after going through Nerufeedback treatment, I feel much better. Now I am able to concentrate on school and am motivated for the future.

Age 23 Male

I decided to try Neurofeedback because I knew I had problems concentrating along with other problems such as insomnia, being moody, and being impulsive. I found that Neurofeedback was very helpful for me and would be very helpful for me even if I didn’t have problems. Neurofeedback has allowed me to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night, be more stable as a person, and concentrate and focus better.

Age 53 Male

My reason for going through Neurofeedback training was to learn, using my brain how to deal with my Anxiety/Panic tendencies. Along with bouts of Depression. In addition, I wanted to learn to better handle stress and negative thoughts that at times have overwhelmed and dominated me.
Over my 60 sessions, I have made great progress in achieving these goals. I am able to deal with feelings of Anxiety/Panic and Depression much better. I am able to handle everyday stress and negative thoughts better, and I feel much better as a human being as a result of Neurofeedback.

Age 16 Male

Starting almost two years ago, I had gradually become worse for example skipping classes, not going to school, I had terrible headaches and found it hard to sleep during the night.
Frequently woke up during the night I became depressed and my body became weak, succumbing to illness more often and muscle aches. I couldn’t keep my attention on any one thing at a time and found my self giving up on ventures easily.
Neurofeedback not only restored my attention and focus but actually improved the sharpness of my mind. I’m now able to sleep undisturbed during the entire night and the headaches all but disappeared.

Age 13 Male

When I heard of Neurofeedback I thought this was a cure. When I did the Neurofeedback program, I found out it really does help you. I improved in a number of things; first of all I started getting A’s and B’s instead of C’s and D’s. Also, I did much better math program I called Kumon. This program will help in even more subjects, but I’m too lazy to list them. When my mom told me to go here, I thought why in the world am I going here and does this really work?
Then I found out it did, since this place changed me. I am eternally happy for it had changed me into a better person mentally and physically, so now I thank Dr. Kim and assistant helping me in this program.

Age 7 Male

My son originally came here because he was having a lot of night terrors. He would wake up at least
2-3 times a week in middle of the night screaming and crying. Next day, however, he would not remember a thing. During a parent-teacher conference at his school, his teacher said that his work habits were too slow although his intelligence level was not a problem. I thought the sleep disturbance must be affecting his performance during the day.
After 40 sessions of Neurofeedback, he does not have any night terrors. In fact, only about 10 sessions, he stopped having them completely. His teacher was very pleased with his performance also. He got almost all “B”s first semester, but now it’s back to almost all “A’s.

Age 14 Male

At first, I was very skeptic about the Neurofeedback. As time went by, I saw improvements in my coordination, not only mentally, but also in my hand-eye coordination used in physical activities. After seeing the attention and memory tests, I am now more confident with my diagnosis as having ADD. I do not find this to be a great mental disorder, but my own unique characteristic. It is now easier to find my way around the disorder & I can simply accept myself as an individual with my own strong points.

Age 15 Female

Neurofeedback helped me a lot. I improved in Math and other educational studies. I have easier time talking to new people and I can memorize more easily than before.

Age 17 Female

I took Neurofeedback this year because I had also done last year and experienced positive improvement. However, it did not help with my overall grades and schoolwork, only my SAT Score. This time around, as school started and Neurofeedback slowly came to end, I realized my increased effort in my studies and became more time efficient. By getting my homework started early and ending sooner, I have time for many other important things, such as college applications and extracurricular hobbies. I am also able to concentrate and focus more during class lectures or in taking notes

Age 41 Male

The reasons I wanted to try Neurofeedback were to be able to handle stress better. To eliminate or reduce social anxiety to improve concentration and creativity for job performance.
I found Neurofeedback to very relaxing. The relaxation that seemed to achieve during the sessions seemed to carry over to my day-to-day life.
I still feel anxiety in social situations, but seem less intense and I’m able to handle it better.
I think my self esteem has improved. I think that I concentrate better at work and am able to ignore distracting thoughts better. I seem to worry less than before. I also seem to be brighter moods and I’m optimistic than before I had Neurofeedback.

Age 15 Female

Before I took Neurofeedback, I had really bad grades. I wasn’t doing well in class and just wanted to be lazy. I had bad relationship with the teachers, too.
Then my mom made me try Neurofeedback. At first I really didn’t understand what was going on
And the activity that I had to do. I thought it was a game. But because of that game I did much better in class, stopped being lazy and started doing things that I need to do. Now in most of my classes, I can pay attention and get good grades. I also stopped getting in troubles with teachers about my academic work.

Age 17 Female

After Neurofeedback I improved for doing my homework earlier, turning things on time. I had a tough learning about school things. Another thing is talking to my friends. I didn’t talk a lot. Now I do. Before I had bad mood, I have a good mood now. When I used to talk I was saying different subject, also I was saying nonsense which didn’t make any sense it at all. I don’t do things that I used to do.
I’m really happy about myself how I got improved.

Age 19 Male

Neurofeedback helped me to concentrate better. I am now more motivated, which is the first step in doing well in anything. I can now do better in activities I hated like reading. I could not sit still. I also improved in activities like basket ball. I can shoot better and make fewer mistakes.

Age 9 Male

My second son started Neurofeedback because I had very good success with my first son’s Neurofeedback. My second son had bad habit with washing hands too much. He also had sad mood swings.
After 20 sessions of Neurofeedback, he got lot happier and got better with washing his hands. He talks a lot these days and face expression improved a lot. Before he did not talk much and his face was always serious or mad look. I am glad that he had Neurofeedback.